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New Management

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A letter from Denise & Trevor Darmody, the new owners of TheatreBox:

Hello Everybody! 

As of yesterday, Monday 3rd of April 2017, we have taken over as the new owners of TheatreBox Studios. The previous owner, Jamie Nagle, is moving on and we wish him the best of luck in his new venture.

We are very happy and excited to come on board at the heart of TheatreBox and to carry on its bright future of high standard stage school tuition. We are looking forward to bringing our 12 years managerial & teaching experience to the school, and most of all we are looking forward to meeting you! Our goal is for the school to live on in its current premises at the Six Cross Roads and to fulfil all planned show commitments and timetables. 

Some of you may already recognise us as the owners of the Waterford Academy of Music & Arts (WAMA). Our intention with TheatreBox however is to run it independently of WAMA. WAMA will remain as WAMA, TheatreBox will remain as TheatreBox. 

We see this new deal as a very positive step for TheatreBox, and indeed WAMA, as both schools will now complement each other into the future.

We are looking forward to meeting you all, and feel free to chat to us at any time.

Here’s to a bright future! 

Denise & Trevor Darmody