Creative Drama

Studying drama develops emotional maturity and gives pupils a deep understanding of themselves.  Because it involves using not only their voices and bodies, but also emotions and creativity, it is able to engender a deep sense of self-esteem.  It is also a subject that requires a great deal of peer trust, and so it plays an important role in teaching communication, listening and empathy skills.  Studying drama is demanding, and teaches pupils that success only comes from hard work.  The skills that are learned by studying drama are invaluable in later life.

At TheatreBox Stage School we are offering an exciting opportunity for students to join a class that's all about drama.  There's no singing or dancing in this group, and students of this programme not only get to perform in a play, but also get to participate in its creative development. 

Led by local actor and TheatreBox tutor Paula Weldon, students will work towards performing a play covering different drama practitioners and applying their theories to the performance. These versatile methods can be transferred to any performance.